Sunday, January 13, 2008

From Sun Ho

A note from Sun

Sun wants to let the fans know that she likes the message sent by her fans and she is really very encouraged and touched. She has been ill for the last week and her fever wont subside. She still go for her rehearsals and will be touring with Wyclef soon. Please keep her in thoughts!

This is written from Sun...

Hi guys, thank you so much to those of you who wrote to me to wish me a happy new year...你們都知道我很喜歡讀你們給我的留言,雖然我不是每次都能回復你們,不過大家對我持續的擁護,讓我感到非常感動。我過去一個星期都在生病。我的燒一直不退,不過我還是每天的排舞和唱歌,因爲再過10天就是我和Wyclef的巡迴演唱會了。Please keep me in your thoughts...I wish you guys could be with me at the tour to support me! :)



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